Montery Peninsula Religious Society of Friends
Friends, also known as Quakers, meet for worship in silence, listening for leadings of the Spirit.  Some may be moved to give vocal ministry, which is neither planned nor pre-arranged, but a leading of the Spirit at that moment.  Such sharing often speaks to the condition of others in the group and may result in a "gathered" Meeting, or a strong sense of oneness among those present.  At other times the entire hour may be spent in silence, also meeting the needs of those present.

Quakers are people of differing backgrounds, with the common understanding that all people are on a spiritual journery.  Quakers believe that within each person there is a divine spark, or "that of God", leading us to oppose everything that diminishes life:  war, violence, oppression, injustice, and excesses of all kinds.  We make no distinction between the sacred and secular, as we try to live out our beliefs through our daily activites and behavior. 
Meeting for Worship

10:00 a.m. Sunday

Carl Cherry Center
4th & Guadalupe
Carmel, California

Judy Karas
phone 831.372.5762
"Early Friends considered themselves to be Christians;  they interpreted and justified their unique vision in Biblical and traditional Christian terms.  However, from its inception the Quaker movement has offered critiques of many accepted manifestations of Christianity while at the same time empathizing with people of other faiths.  We might use the phrase 'primitive Christianity' to describe more closely where Friends fit across the Christian spectrum.  Primitive Christianity refers to those teachings which pre-date Fourth Century Christians, who had been embraced by Constantine and were becoming 'established'.  These earliest followers of Jesus were radical revolutionaries, representing a 'new order' of faithful who lived communally, eschewed violence of all kinds, and practiced simplicity."     FAITH AND PRACTICE
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