Monterey Peninsula Religious Society of Friends

Meeting for Worship

10:00 a.m. Sunday

Carl Cherry Center
4th & Guadalupe
Carmel, California

Judy Karas
phone 831.372.5762

    Friends, commonly called Quakers, have no creed and no outward sacraments or symbols.  There is no designated clergy member (no priest, pastor, minister...) and no prearranged program. 
    The Quaker form of worship derives its character from the belief that "there is that of God in everyone."  We believe that for all people there is the possibility of direct experience of God, leading us to oppose those things that diminish life:  war, violence, oppression, and injustice.  We share the common understanding that all people are on a spiritual journey.
     Friends meet for worship in silence, listening for the leadings of the Spirit.  In the stillness we may feel compelled to share some insight.  Such sharing often speaks to the condition or concerns of others in the group.  At other times, the entire hour may be spent in deepening, centered silence, which also meets the needs of those present.
     Friends listen carefully to each message, giving a time of consideration after each message before another speaks.  We are asked to consider whether a message is a personal one for the individual or is meant to be shared with the group.  Friends do not come to Meeting intending to give a message and do not report on events or give announcements during the Meeting for Worship.    From Pacific Yearly Meeting Faith and Practice.

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